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LIVE from the stand 2020-21

I started my boy at 8-9 and I bet it took 30-40 sits to get him to understand movement , noise etc and to finally be able to get a shot off. Since that day though he's been one heck of a hunter.
Wife and I started our daughter at 6 weeks old. Lol. We took turns hunting morning and evening for a weekend at our old cabin.


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Well done Nathan! Looks like a big bodied dude. I'd love to see the left side of that rack. It looks funky and cool. Just different. I like different.

On his left side it that tine is broken. It looks like is was broke or damaged while he was still in velvet as its not what a normal broken tine looks like. It is kind os mushroomed out at the end.
I turned what could’ve been a great hunt into a shitty one by being too aggressive. 10 yard back and I would’ve at a 20 shot at my only shooter.