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Official TOO Catch Thread


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I found a few good ones at lunch today. The river might get jacked with rain tomorrow so I had to strike when I could. Purple over chartreuse was the ticket.

I also caught a redear. I'm not 100% sure, but this may have been the first Hocking River redear I have ever caught.


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Took 8 hours but I got my limit today. Learned a lot also...the fish were skittish of the eagle claw pre tied hooks I was using, once I tied the mono straight to the hook, I started to catch them. After talking to another guy, I went and got some fluorocarbon line and tied 3 foot leaders onto the mono so the fish will only see the bait and not the line...going to test it out tomorrow.


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Licking Co.
for the record, it was hooked very well in the side of the mouth. I tried to get the hook out before I took pic. I was struggling to get the hook out, and was about to get pliers, then decided to take the pic real quick. tried one more time to remove hook by hand and got it out. I'm pretty sure most of the fish I catch are simply snagged in the mouth. no other explanation for how I catch them. ;)