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Official TOO Catch Thread

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker

Another limit today...freezer is getting stocked up. Tomorrow will probably give the trout a break and go for white perch.


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They are good, I don't throw them back. I wouldn't put them second, but above any bass I've ever ate. (Freshwater bass) I would also put them above a catfish.
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Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker
Have you had yellow perch? Crappie? Hmmm, I may have to try them. They are a pain in the ass when casting.

Giles, you aren't supposed to eat bass it's sacrilege
Yellow perch has a gamey taste compared to white perch. The white perch I catch are from salt water and travel up brackish water streams to breed. Their taste may differ from perch that live their entire lives in fresh water...like a Alaska salmon compared to a landlocked salmon.
Fluke bite is hot down here. Caught a spot pushing 4lbs yesterday afternoon in my kayak and 3 other smaller fish. Had one 6+ come up and absolutely crush a fluke about 10 feet off the bow but she didn'tget hooked up. Sounded like i throwed a cinder block in the water.

Dad and i went this morning for his birthday. Had a real good time and caught plenty of fish. Ended up catching around 25 bass and 2 magnum crappie. All but 3 or 4 came off a white fluke, including 1 of the crappie. The other crappie choked down a texas rigged worm. Good day on the water with dad and lots of action. Only thing we forgot was pictures!


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