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Show us your wood (pile)


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South East Ohio
Terrible news Brock.

@6 years ago I had a 54yr old cousin that was hit in the head and died while cutting trees alone, wasn’t found for several hours. It’s extremely dangerous and no room for error.
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Toady's pile!

100 foot dead Ash Tree that leans towards our cabin that is 73' away to the North and I wanted to drop her 60* from there to the SE in between some of the big Cottonwoods.

So, I rigged up the tree with about 60' of slings, comealong winch and chain around one of the Cottonwood to the Southeast. Then I took about 200' of 1/2" rope, tied it off around the sling on the tree, approximately 25' up, slung it around the Cottonwoods & Sycamores to the North and tied it off to the hitch of my pickup.


Then I winched up the comealong nice and tight, which brought the top of the tree towards the Southeast about 10-15', jumped in the truck, took up the slack in the half inch rope, made a tight wire act out of it, went and grabbed the wife. I had her jump into the cab of the pickup and put the truck in drive, then told her, "Once you see the tree start to go over, steadily drive away and stop once the tree looks like it's going to fall completely to the ground."

I then made my first cut where I wanted to place the tree in between the Cottonwoods to the Southeast.


Dropped her nearly perfect, almost where I wanted it and it did not take down any other limbs from the other trees, which is the only area I could make that happen. Once on the ground, I measured out the tree and I was pretty much on in estimating the height of the tree. The lower left photograph is the measured distance away from our cabin. The upper right photograph captures 97' maker on the tape measurer, indicating the top of the tree approximately.

Today's wood pile and cleanup debris that I will use to burnup the rest of the tree stump, and then load the wood into the pickup and haul it to the barn.

I am thrilled that I beat the next heatwave which should be here starting tomorrow!
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BIL done a lot cutting and I brought the hedge trimmer to cut up all the branches off of it. Then I brought my atv to wrap the tow strap around all the branches to move it to the fire pit. Atv is a life saver 🤘. Going to put Brutus to work Friday.

Sorry to hear about your friend.

I got 8 cords of mostly Ash right now. Dead Ash is a scary prospect. That wood sure splits nice in the splitter, but does hellatious things when coming down.
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NW Ohio
Don't know unless you stop and ask. The worst they can say is "no."

AEP had a company cutting several big oaks down the road from me. I'm talking 4-6' diameter at the base. Solid 4' diameter 10-30' up. I'd estimate these have been pruned for decades and straight trunk between 30-40' before they branched out. Absolutely beautiful trees. Darn shame they are being cut down. But. . . They are. So, I stopped and spoke to the one guy on the crew who spoke English. Told him I have a place within 2 miles they can haul to. He said the home owners already stated they didn't want the wood. I still knocked in the door to confirm. Got the go ahead from home owners to have at it. Had planned on loading a skid loader and using it a couple days just loading and hauling. To my surprise, the tree service guys asked for my address. They have delivered two loads already. Impressive trailer set up with its own crane to load rounds. 20+' trailer with outriggers the put down prior to using crane or dumping. They said they have 2-3 more loads coming my way. This is just the first tree. Not all of it. Just most of the first tree.

Mom asked if I still had her seasoned stack waiting on her. I circled her stash. There are 2-3 pickup bed loads of seasoned ash in there for her. Won't be getting it delivered very soon. 😭

For reference: the two rows on the right are taller than me. Roughly 6-7' tall. Those rows come out around 20'. I'm going to fill my bin easily this year. Will have to stack behind the barn with the other trees coming.


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SW Ohio
WOWZERS PHIL!!!! Great job on the haul!!!! You were in the right place at the right time for sure! And to have it delivered?!?! Saaaaaaaaweeeeeeet👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎
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NW Ohio
WOWZERS PHIL!!!! Great job on the haul!!!! You were in the right place at the right time for sure! And to have it delivered?!?! Saaaaaaaaweeeeeeet👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎
Thanks Ric. I was telling my wife earlier this week how thankful I've been for the mild weather. Every week we go without the boiler means less firewood. Actually, our A/C is still running regularly. Even at night in occasion. We did not have enough to make it thru the winter. I was going to be scraping it together. Have a big oak down in my buddy's woods I talked to him about earlier this week. Just too wet to get to it. I was figuring a mid winter excursion to get it out and hopefully get us thru the winter. This has been a true blessing to us. The good Lord always provides. He just let me sweat it a little going into this winter. But now I may be good thru this winter and a chunk of next winter!