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TOO Projects Thread

Had a new pond dug this past summer so as soon as it was done it was time to build a structure before it filled with water. Step 1...drill holes and set posts.

View attachment 94072 View attachment 94071 Step 2 attach framing and joists

View attachment 94073 View attachment 94074 Step 3...attach composite decking

View attachment 94075 Step 4....build roof framing

View attachment 94076 View attachment 94077 next step...attach railing

View attachment 94078 final step...attach metal roofing

View attachment 94079
Very nice! What kind of fish are you going to stock it with? I used Jones fish hatchery in Ohio. They have a good variety of fish and bait fish. Now would be a great time to put some underwater structure in there. 👍😊
@ Gern186 - I highly recommend doing some heavy stalking over on Pond Boss Forum, there are many Ph'd's in fish biology monitoring it and they will help, they did on my stocking, forage, turn over, etc.

Click here it'll take you direct to the Stocking a New Pond area -> http://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=cfrm&c=4

Click here it'll take you the Creating Habitat area -> http://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=4&page=1

There are many other subjects etc, that forum specializes in folks creating and maintaining quality ponds. The actual Pond Boss web based forum SUCKS for posting pics and such so I don't do much over there but harvest great info and PM the Dr's with specific questions. Best of luck!

I stocked my first walleyes in Nov '19 great looking fish from Fenders Fish Hatchery - Highly recommend Steve Fender.

Best wishes for some peace and tranquility in your new swimming hole.


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This is the only item I have from my grandfather. My dad's father was a cabinet maker by trade. I was not allowed to know him and he passed away one week after he attended my high school graduation party. I'm not sure why he was invited and I never asked. The only time I really saw him was at funerals as a child. Anyway, he made this piece and it's the only thing that I have of his. I rescued it from the garage last time I was in Illinois. I'm going to finish it and use it in my office. I may go with slate tops.


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Some days I just kick the living shit out of myself. This is something that has been needing to happen for some time, but I've been putting it off for obvious reasons.

Started tearing down the old chimney in the house. It hasn't been used for several years now and removing this will create the chase I need to get duct work up to the attic so I can have heat and ac on the second floor.

Started in the attic and got it tore out to the floor of the upstairs. Did it all with just a hammer, chisel, and a couple buckets. Feel like I got ran over by a truck today.


Next is demo through the kitchen area and into the basement.