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TOO Projects Thread


Got all of the remaining T&G installed yesterday. Install interior doors, window and door trim, and finish electric left to do and that’ll be a wrap.

Clay Showalter

Southern member northern landowner
Guilford County
Not a "Rick" project but this was a big project for me 🤣. Our house was built in the 50s and has a large, waste of space utility closet in the carport. Unfinished with janky shelves, no insulation, no ceiling, and exposed wiring everywhere.
My wife and I decided on finishing this space and making it a space for dry supplies and canned goods. I insulated the walls, insulated and put in a ceiling, put up panels, a new 8 ft led light, and shelves galore. I'm proud, and the wife is thrilled. I would like to think that my sweet grandmother is looking down with joy as I turned her old pantry into the functional space that it is now!
Note to self, thisbwill be a freaking winter project next time!!!! This humid Georgia heat can be rather unforgiving!
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Nice upgrade to the space
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