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TOO Weight Loss - Biggest Loser Edition


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-40# this morning. Would I have never dreamed this a year ago!
Atta boy Rick! Congratulations my man. That is a hell of an achievement!

Jesse, I'll second the IF regimen. I stuck to it for a solid two months before falling off the wagon.. but I felt great while doing it, lost some weight, and slept much better at night.


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My wife is starting to get serious about trying the keto diet, so I got her started last night. I'm going to join her for a 21-day cycle that I mapped out. She's not going to be happy... :ROFLMAO:
Yeah, she didn't do too well!

She started out hot, but the weekends have messed her up. The good news is she's picked up a couple new short-term routines that she seems to be adjusting to well. Mainly packing her lunch to avoid all the food reps bring in to the cath lab and intermittent fasting. I've met her halfway on the dinner prep and it's been on point, so we're both doing well with our evening calories. I still haven't got myself back into a gym routine, but remain very active on a daily basis, so I'm staying steady at 200. Need to get off my ass and get in the gym!


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Congrats Rick on your accomplishments!

Next month I go back for another check up with my surgeon. Last meeting we had he said that If I can continue my progress he would release me to straight forward jogging/running on smooth surfaces. This will be a huge step in losing the 20lbs I gained since the ACL tear. I have the bike back out and messing around a little, nothing serious as of yet. For whatever reason I have preferred running over biking, despite the cycle being better on my joints.