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What do you do to prepare


Southern Ohio
Got out and took a little hike 'TOO' swap out a few SD cards from a couple of cameras that I could get 'TOO'.

I ended up relocating one of my cameras 'TOO' a different area, right off a good deer run.

Below is a collage of a few photographs that I took along the way.

It's definitely wet as can be out there...

There's equipment of mine to be seen in a couple of these photos.
2018-09-09 16.29.33.jpg

The heavy rain stopped, so I got my bow out 'TOO'.

First five arrows shot since almost 48 hours ago 'TOO' be exact.

We've received almost two solid straight days of heavy, heavy rain that caused our local creeks to swell quite a bit.

Now it's down 'TOO' a slight sprinkle and the creeks are starting 'TOO' get back normal depths already.

Yesterday, I did some work in the rain that caused me 'TOO' be a slightly more sore & stiff than what I'd normally be while making these five shots.

I still managed to stack two arrows on top of each other that hit the can squarely with two others very, very close.

A decent tight four arrow group with one flyer.

I'll take it considering how sore I am at the moment :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend considering the crappy the weather we had.

I'll catch up with guys later.

Have a good evening 'TOO' Crew (y)
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brock ratcliff

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I've done absolutely nothing. Mason and has shoot our bows year round anyway so we are OK there. No cams out, nothing. I need to move/set two stands but I know where I'll set them. That scouting was done back in March. Laziness is winning over desire. I was this way last year too and that worked pretty well :)


Southern Ohio
First & last five shots of the day from 75 yards & the very first arrow was perfectly on target!

Earlier today after lunch, I went for another hike looking for another potential hunting location.

Along the way I came across a fresh small deer scrape that's within 50 yards of one of my tree stands.

This particular scrape has a long history. I know for fact cause I have previous photographs of it from previous years. It will increase in size and numbers around the over grown honeysuckle significantly come the third week of October. You can bet on it!

Have a good one 'TOO' crew (y)

I'll catch up with you guys later.



Southern Ohio

I'm getting ready to head out for another afternoon hike today.

I'll be looking for another ideal spot for a tree stand where I know some of the local bucks like to travel based past years' observations.

I've got two potential tree candidates, but I'll be looking for additional deer signs in that area specifically to confirm which one I'll go with.

When I get back,

I'll be changing into 'Mr. Mechanic' for a little while, taking care of my father-in-law's van. He wants me to winterize it basically. Flush the old antifreeze and put in new, change the oil & filter, check the fluids, check the belts, check the brakes, check the tires, so on & so forth. Fun-fun...

But, before I get my hands all greasy & slimy, I did get the bow out for my first session of the day and fired off my first 5 arrows from 30 yards, which has been the range for whatever reason, I've struggled with most lately

I shot at 5 Pepsi cans with my 5 arrows with decent results this go around.

4 out of 5 hits for now

I'm definitely getting more & more comfortable shooting each time I get my bow out, from any position and any distance.

Definitely a place that is more of challenge to get to the older I get.

Feels real good to be where I'm at currently though with all my setups.

Bring on the season!

Have a good afternoon 'TOO' crew!!

Later (y)
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Southern Ohio
So I recently got back from my afternoon hike.

I stopped at a couple of my setups and also narrowed down another tree for a new setup.

I ended up taking my limb trimmer with me so I could clean up a few of my shooting lanes along the way.

Did this for my 'Funnel Stand', which offers up two different fields for me to pay attention 'TOO',

One is a CRP field to my south (before & after photograph of clearing out shooting lane. Red circles indicate my 'Funnel Stand' inside the wooded area).
2018-09-12 15.07.02.jpg

(I also made up my first mock scrape right along the CRP field for my 'Funnel Stand').
2018-09-12 15.05.35.jpg

And the other is an alfalfa field to my north from my 'Funnel Stand' that will also have a 5" diameter 'White Pine Rubbing Limb' that was Installed straight into the ground just off the creek bank & the alfalfa field.

(Limb can be seen in the top two photographs plus a fresh heavy deer track from that area in lower right photograph. Red circle indicates my'Funnel Stand').
2018-09-12 15.04.28.jpg

I also did this same for my 'Southern Stand'.

(Two different shooting lanes straight out into the CRP field. Red circles indicate my 'Southern Stand' location inside the wooded area.)
2018-09-12 15.01.39.jpg

(More from the 'Southern Stand' view inside the wooded area.)
2018-09-12 15.02.25.jpg

Like I said, I did decide on a tree for my last hang-on tree stand. I'll hang it sometime over the next week.
2018-09-12 15.00.24.jpg

I have just a couple more things I intend on getting done over the next few days and I'll be done for the most part until the season opens.

Most of my hunting locations are within a minutes hike from my workshop, which is a beautiful thing nowadays.

It's truly nice to be back at it again is all I can say.

Definitely getting pumped for the new season!
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