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Show us your wood (pile)


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Jesse, I'll probably go pick up your stove end of this month, then bring it out my next trip to Illinois mid-summer... So start figuring where your putting it..


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NW Ohio
MS250 is a great all around saw. Be perfect with 16" bar. @"J" I have one I use when limbing up stuff or if cutting up tree tops. You can do 12-14" and smaller with ease. Those 4-10" tree tops are butter to that saw.
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Nw oh
Looking at a Stijl too replace my husqavarna that gave it up last week. Gotta decide on which one I wanna get. My body says get a lighter one with a 16” bar.... My mind says go with the bigger and a 18” bat 😂
When u go to the dealer try handling the saw without a bar on it which I believe Stihl dealers do (idk the one I go to doesn't have bars on their heads) there isn't no much weight different when bumping up cc sizes U could bump up cc and outfit whatever smaller bar the saw can handle. I bought a cheapo husky with a Christmas gift from rural king a little 40cc saw with a 16in bar it's nearly the same weight as the smallest cc saw they sell. Having a bit more power and less chain is always better than to much chain for a saw to pull.


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Licking Co.
my 290 is 19 years old and still rockin' probably the best general purpose saw out there. I've cut some big, hard stuff with it. it's the only chainsaw I've ever owned. never given me any trouble. Imma fire that bitch up next week if I'm not painting something. I'm thinking seriously about a smaller saw for the lighter work. this ones getting a little heavy for trimming limbs and cutting small stuff.


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Huron County, OH
Shit I wish I read about ur choice....I have a 391 it's been an ass kicker for years now...I'm sure the 311 is the same..
No worries. I've put about 6 tanks thru the new 311, it just flat out rips. Also enjoying that extra 2" over the 18" bar I have always had. Might have to apply that to other areas of my life😉