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TOO Weight Loss - Biggest Loser Edition


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IF you are in fact wanting to take it seriously, you're better off weighing yourself at the same time daily (first thing in the morning is best for me) and taking a weekly average than randomly stepping on a scale.
I am not that serious about it yet. Goal of 28 pounds is very obtainable. I more less felt like a fatass so I made myself look at it. This is more of a changing habits thing. I can't continue to eat like I was. I am not as active as I once was. Came out of covid around 180 pounds a year ago. 228 is not okay. It aint 48 pounds of muscle either.


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Welcome to a new month, and a new opportunity fellas! Feb was a good month for both cardio and strength training, going to use Mar for heavier lifting and really try and target the fat burn to hopefully get under 200.

Damn running shoes tore out at the back of the heel on the inside again, and it just tears up the back of your foot/heel. Anyone using a pad back there to help keep them together longer than 1yr? Heading for a new pair this AM.



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Great start as we enter the last month of the quarter, Adam. I'm finishing the last bit of fat burn and I'll be eating at maintenance for a few weeks. Then I can start adding in some more carbs to go into a slight surplus.
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March 1. 6 weeks on this job and working on my house at night. My back and shoulders look 18 but got an old man chest look going on so i might do push ups. Fueling my body. I feel like what i eat. Craving deer and vegetables. Ill track what i eat next week just to see how many pounds im eating. Burning and eating a shitload of calories. Weight is staying put but my pants and mirror suggest i lost fat and added muscle.


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I’ve turned on my addictive personality to attack getting in better shape again.
I’ve only missed working out one day at home YTD. I didn’t work out in January when in Spain, and I missed one day mid February when in Alabama. The rest of my days have been Peloton at home or treadmill/weights in a hotel.

I dropped 21.5 lbs in January and February. Maintaining so far in March. Kitchen remodel and sanding/staining hardwoods on the first floor should wrap up in the next two weeks. Looking forward to getting back to some fresher home cooked meals. Goal is to drop another 6 lbs. if I shed 10, I wouldn’t be mad…

I’ve probably not had 10 beers YTD. Sticking with vodka and 🥃


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I'm still fat. I'm really struggling with the stress of an incredibly hectic schedule with no real outside activity taking place. I need warm weather and outside chores to get here! And to stop drinking so much beer...

I feel this - I decided to give up beer for lent. Haven’t weighed myself but I feel lighter hahaha. Did get out and run a few miles this week and all home cooked meals- so that always helps!!