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TOO Weight Loss - Biggest Loser Edition


Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
My chiropractor has the beds that pop up and down while he’s holding pressure downward. It’s different from any other sessions I’ve had previously. But works as well or better. Especially with the neck cracking. No twisting.
Plenty of water and a few ibuprofen afterwards.
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Cull buck specialist
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I am not that serious about it yet. Goal of 28 pounds is very obtainable. I more less felt like a fatass so I made myself look at it. This is more of a changing habits thing. I can't continue to eat like I was. I am not as active as I once was. Came out of covid around 180 pounds a year ago. 228 is not okay. It aint 48 pounds of muscle either.
Goal obtained. Might keep going, we will see. I'd rather eat a large pizza after drinking a case of beer.


Cull buck specialist
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Problem I'm having is my stomach has been big for years but was always solid. Guessing it was because of the irritation from the alcohol. Now that I don't drink like I used to, it's like a bag of jello. That's just pissing me off. There's a difference when you look at someone, you can tell the big boys that's can still get with it. Then there's the lazy fat fuck looking guys, I feel like I look like the lazy fat fuck now. Only I can make the difference. Just not sure if I want to get over or do something. I've been between 200-220 for about 8 years now but it felt different before because I could actually still be active. Now I can't because of these damn lungs...so I need to adjust my "fighting weight" and maybe, just maybe, it'll ve easier to breathe also. Fuck, did I just talk myself into dropping more?!


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North Central Ohio
With some dehyrdration this AM, I am 6lbs away from my 40yr old goal - be in the best shape I have been since I graduated HS.
- Be under 200lbs
- Be able to run a full 5K w/stopping
- Build days/life that allows for working out reguarly and be feeling good.

3 weeks out....time to drop the hammer, Harry